1. Must be actively involved in any of the following: Adventurer, Pathfinder,   Master Guide, or Youth Ministries
  2. Provide a Service Record covering the past three years
  3. Attend a two-hour seminar on each of the following topics:
  • Servant Leadership 
  • Understanding Gen Z
  • Creative Witnessing / Disaster Response/ Evangelism/ Discipleship        
  • Risk Management/ Child Protection                                    
  • Communicating with Children & Youth
  • Human Relations/Conflict Management
  1. Have a current First Aid or CPR certificate.
  1. Maintain a personal physical fitness program.


Admission Requirements for Newcomers:

Master Guides coming from other conferences or countries who would like to serve in the Ontario Conference are encouraged to comply with the following admission requirements*:

  1. Present proof of investiture by providing one of the following:
  • Master Guide investiture certificate
  • Certification letter from former  Conference or Union
  • Photos of investiture and other MG-related events
  1. Submit a membership certification letter from your church pastor or clerk.
  1. Present proof of status in Canada.
  2. Provide copy of a Police Reference Check with “No Criminal Record.”
  3. Complete an Ontario Conference-sponsored Basic Staff Training course in one of the following:
  • Adventurer Ministry
  • Pathfinder Ministry

8. Have a complete Master Guide Type A uniform as recognized by the Ontario Conference Master Guide Council (OCMGC)

9.  Complete a Recertification Course (to be provided by the OCMGC).


* – To be presented to your local Master Guide club director.


Note: Upon completion of the above-mentioned admission requirements, the newcomer will be recommended for induction into the local MG club.